Tinder Bios that work – Free Evaluations Available



Selling yourself in a short Tinder bio is difficult. While you might know what it takes to market a website or land a job, selling yourself involves confidence, style and the ability to think outside the box. 

The first key to Tinder bio success: Don’t rely on your photo. 

Most women are naturally more verbal than men. This doesn’t mean that a good profile photo isn’t important, but it does mean that words count. For a lot. 

Those who find the most difficulty with online dating are usually:

  • Shy
  • Not photogenic
  • Vague 
  • Just like everyone else

If you’re not getting the swipes you want, there may be a reason. One of the most common mistakes guys make when setting up a Tinder account is caused by logic: If you’re turned on by a beach photo, they will be too. 

While Tinder is not a platform for your own personal novel, you should be able to convey the most interesting, flattering and curiosity-peaking attributes within a few lines in your Tinder bio. Without looking cocky. While still seeming relaxed. While getting your wants and needs conveyed. In a tactful way that showcases your personality. 

Sound difficult?

If you’re having trouble with online dating, we can help.

Who are we?

We are a team of both men and women who have mastered the online dating scene, not only for ourselves, but for hundreds of guys. Many desirable men are focusing on the wrong things. By evaluating your profile, getting to know your personality and assessing what you want, we can maximize your dating prospects.  We offer free profile evaluations as well as paid online relationship and dating help.

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