Easy Tinder Bio Questions

Once you’ve matched, the hard part starts – how to strike up a conversation. “Hey, what’s up?” won’t cut it.

To start the ball rolling, humor is often a successful technique. By having at least one funny question in your bio, you can relieve some of the pressure. Open ended questions work well as they’re more likely to be conversation starters, not one and done awkward Q&As.

Sample Tinder bio questions

  • These have all been tested and work – feel free to grab one, or modify it and make it your own (don’t forget to fill in the ____ blanks).
  • What’s the worst place you’ve been taken on a first date?
  • What’s your best Dad joke?
  • What would your friends say is your strangest quirk? Mine… well, you’ll have to ask.
  • What photo do you think I almost added to my profile but didn’t? (hint: _____)
  • What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while drunk? I tried to ride an emu once.
  • One of my photos is Photoshopped… can you guess which one?

What about Bumble?

On Bumble she has to go first – you’re not allowed to send the first chat. So having a funny question in your Bumble bio is even more important than on Tinder. Many matches expire without the woman sending a message, not because she isn’t interested, but because she doesn’t have a good opening line!

If you include a funny Bumble bio question, you’re more likely that she’ll reach out before your match expires, and avoid the dreaded “Hey.” opening line from her that then puts the onus on you to come up with a way to start the conversation.