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How To Start A Deep Online Conversation

While the objective to online dating is usually to date offline, many people won’t get a date unless there is some kind of online chemistry. Since most people text or chat beforehand, online dating conversation is important. 

How To Provoke Online Chemistry 

Chemistry often happens when there is an emotional attachment. There are a variety of ways to feel chemistry with someone, but an in-person attraction is not always necessary (in the beginning). 

1.) Think of an open-ended question.

Questions that begin: do you like… don’t always lead to a meaningful online conversation. Think: Do you like listening to music? Well, she can say yes or she can say no. Yes, it could be a jumping off point, but it’s unoriginal and there is a high probability that “yes or no” questions will fall flat.

2.) Think outside the box.

You could ask, what kind of music do you listen to? But, that has its own problems. What kind of music you listen to is something that many people ask on dating sites and it can feel like a drag to run through the same questions over and over again.

3.) Think abstract.

What is the soundtrack to your day today? This question is abstract enough that it allows you to understand her feelings and emotions without getting too personal too fast. This type of online dating conversation allows the dater to go as in-depth as they want while still allowing a glimpse of how the outside world affects their mood. A good abstract question should be able to branch into multiple topics. 

online chemistry

Without online chemistry, dating is largely based on appearance and chance. Depending on what type of outcome you’re looking for, this could be perfect. However, if there is no online chemistry before a first date, your chances of connecting are likely to be lower. 

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