The 3 Most Common Bad Tinder Photos

There are 3 photographs that men have made famous since dating apps like Tinder and Bumble became photocentric. It’s not that these are necessarily bad Tinder photos. It’s not that these photos are ugly. It’s just that they’re all the same.

When creating an online dating profile, everyone needs something unique to distinguish them from the crowd. These 3 photos are not helping:

The Group Photo.

  group photo in a bar

This is the ‘I have friends and am a fun guy’ photo. Being sociable and fun is a great quality, especially in a relationship. However, this photo is a) everywhere and b) not useful when deciphering who the man-in-question is c) makes it look like you party/drink too much.

The Athletic Photo.

Guy at Machu Picchu

This is the picture that’s shot in profile while climbing a rock, hiking or swimming. It’s nice to show hobbies, but again – everyone has this photo. Also, why is it always Machu Picchu?

The Suit Selfie.

Guy in a suit taking a selfie

The suit selfie is usually shot at a friend’s wedding. It’s a good way to showcase the professional look, but it can also inadvertently capture a pressure to get married. You want to show that you clean up well and can be taken to weddings, work functions, and fancy events, but not look too serious.

Photos are not the only thing that goes into a profile, but it is the first thing women see on apps like Bumble or Tinder. Standing out doesn’t have to be a production, but it does have to create a difference. Now that you’ve seen some of the most common Tinder profile photos, the question is how to create profile photos that will stand apart, get noticed, and get right swipes. Read up on how to create the best Tinder profile photos.